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PostPosted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 6:35 pm    Post subject: MGC 44 automag Reply with quote


This was my first automag and my third modelgun. The MGC is no longer made and it took a few months of waiting from putting one on order to it arriving. The one that turned up was a 4th generation model which is the HW version and has a silver body and black bolt.


I really had been anticipating the arrival of this model as the automag is one of my all time favourite guns and taking it out of the box was not disappointing.
This obviously a brand new gun and had never been fired, being HW ABS meant the weight was not bad obviously far lighter than a real automag but heavy enough to feel sturdy in the hand. The MGC is not accurate in its size the dimensions have been shrunk slightly but it still semms a large gun despite this, also it sits in the hand far better and feels more comfortable than the marushin automag, now wether that is due to the slight reduction in size or the weight of the gun i dont know but it definitely feels better to hold than the marushin.
The finish is good but the silver plating on the grip does get scrubbed off the front and back of the grip leaving the black ABS showing. This does not however detract from the loks of the model.


The rounds are of the cp type and are loaded in the normal way for this type of round. The automag takes 7 .44 cal rounds 6 in the mag and 1 in the breach, i only ever load 6 in the mag though, (doubt i will have to deal with life threating situations with the automag somehow, especially in my spare room).
The trigger pull on this model is very heavy, too heavy in fact and you really have to squeeze the trigger hard to release the hammer and unfortunately there does not seem to be any way to adjust the trigger pressure.
The gun fires well and as with all these modelguns each one has a distinctive sound and the automag is no exception. not loud but it has a good crack to it. The bolt-extractor is blown back with force and the rounds are ejected well (considering their size and weight) and can get thrown a good 6ft.
Being ABS of course means it has an open barrel (an advantage over the marushin) and you get a good amount of smoke coming out of it.
The gun is fun to shoot (once you get over the heavy trigger) and you find that you want to put a lot of rounds through it.


OK, now after saying it was fun to fire and wanting to put several mags through it here is the problem.
First, the gun can go full auto which is great fun but not good for the gun, it does not happen all the time but when it does it fires usually a 3 round burst. This could be down to the length of cartridge and that as the round feeds onto the barrel pin enough force is generated due to the extra length the piston travels to set the cap off, or maybe the barrel pin is not located properly but then i would expect constant problems. Suprisingly i have had this problem with my metal marushins, now being metal it is not such a problem and as i said full auto automag is fun, but?

The first time my automag went full auto is the first ime i encountered what would become a familiar problem. The ABS around the pin that holds the extractor claw in was blown off, you can see from the above picture the area i mean. Now the ABS around the pin is very thin and looks weak whislt all other parts look strong enough for the job, of course once this is broke that's it you cannot really fire the gun anymore. I did try and after 2 mags the front of the bolt disintefrated. So that was that i needed another bolt, fortunately my supplier was able to source one for me.


This is another area that lets down the MGC. The marushin is very simple to break down for cleaning and maintenance the MGC however is a nightmare. The barrel pin is OK and easily talken out for general cleaning but after that there are 2 pins in the rear sight that need to be removed, then a long screw bolt that goes through the bolt and into the front of the chamber needs to be screwed out, the bolt can then be removed. Then the grips have to be taken off, the slide lock pin needs to be removed and also the safety catch then the barrel and main body can be removed from the frame. The trigger assembly is connected to the barrel and main body and of course assembly is in reverse, as i said a nightmare and a pain.


Well i really want to say that this is a superb model because in many ways it is but the fact that the bolt is so weak and breaks so easily stops me from saying so.
I am now on my 4th bolt so far, all of hte others have broke in the same way and the gun has not gone full auto on every occasion when the bolt has broke, neither have many rounds been fired when the problem has occurred.
I am now to worried to fire it anymore as i have no doubts that the bolt will break again. I cannot believe that i am the only MGC automag owner with this problem (not after 4 bolts).
I am hoping that our Japanes experts may be able to help on this one they must of come across this problem at some time, so probelx if you can suggest anything that stops this problem or there is a better bolt i can get i would appreciate any advice.
It does seem strange to me that MGC would get through 4 generations of this model if the problem was so bad.


I really want to get this model sorted as it is excellnt in very other way and i really really like it. A metal bolt would be the ideal solution but i think the marushin bolt would be too big and having one made would i think be difficult.
The MGC mages a good display piece but i have 25 rounds for this gun just sitting there so not firing it is difficult and to tempting, but until i can find a way around the breakage problem then a display model it will stay and after all i do have my metal marushins.

MGC AUTOMAG これは私の最初automag および私の第3 modelgun だった。MGC はもはや作られなく、着くそれに順序に1 つを置くことから待っていることの少数の月を取った。回されての上でHW 版、銀製ボディおよび黒いボルトがある第4 世代別モデルがこと1 つ。

箱から 私は実際にautomag が私のすべての時間の好み銃の1 つである箱からそれを取ることがつまらなくなかったのでこのモデルの到着を予想して。明らかにこれは真新しい銃決して重量が実質のautomag よりない十分に悪くない明らかにずっと軽くしかし重くなかった手で丈夫に感じるためにことを発射されなかったし、HW のABS 意味したであるではなかった。MGC はよい手に次元がそれsemms これにもかかわらず大きい銃まだわずかに縮まったが、サイズ、それで正確坐り、ずっとまた感じるmarushin のautomag 、今私が知らないが、完全に握ることはmarushin よりよく感じる銃のサイズまたは重量のわずかな減少のためにそうなったものである雄羊より快適にでない。

終わりはよいが、グリップの銀製のめっきはごしごし洗われて黒いABS 提示を去るグリップの前部得。これはしかしモデルのloks からのdtract 。

ローディング及び発砲 円形はCP のタイプ、このタイプの円形のための正常な方法で荷を積まれる。automag はmag の7 つの44 のcal の円形6 を取り、違反の1 、私はmag でしか6 つにしかし荷を積まない、(疑い私は特に私の予備部屋でautomag との生命threating 状態をどうかして取扱わなければならない) 。このモデルの制動機の引きは非常に重い、実際はハンマーを解放するために制動機を懸命に絞るには余りにも重い実際になり、不運にも制動機圧力を調節する方法がないことをようでない。

すべてのこれらのmodelguns 各自が付いている同じように銃の火井戸は特有な音がし、automag は例外でない。大声でしかしそれにそれによいひびがある。ボルト- 抽出器は力と吹き、円形は(サイズおよび重量を考慮する) よく出、投げられて得るよい6ft ことができる。ABS 当然平均開いたバレル(marushin 上の利点) を備え、それであることはそれから出るたばこを吸のよい量を得る。銃はそれによって多くの円形を置きたいと思うことが分れば(撃つべき楽しみであり、重い制動機を乗り越えれば) 。
問題 それを言った後わかりました、は今発射するべき楽しみであり、それによって複数のmags を置きたいと思うことはここに問題である。最初に、銃は、それいつも起こらない銃のために大きい楽しみよくないが、完全に自動車行くことができるが、するとき3 円形の破烈を通常始動させる。または多分バレルピンが移動する一方では私は一定した問題をきちんと取付けられないが、これはカートリッジの長さにあることができ、バレルピンに円形の供給が帽子を置くためにピストンが期待する余分長さのために十分な力発生するようにそれ。Suprisingly 私は私の金属のmarushins とのこの問題を有し、今金属であるによって私が言い、そのような問題のはでない完全な自動automag 楽しみ、しかしであるか。
私のautomag が行った時最初に完全に自動車はよく知られた問題になるもの私が出会った最初のime である。抽出器の爪を握るピンのまわりのABS は上記の映像から、私が意味する区域を見ることができる吹き飛ばされた。今ピンのまわりのABS は銃をもう始動させるにはあなたが実際にことができないそれのこれが壊れたらあれば非常に薄く、仕事を弱いwhislt を十分に強いすべての他の部品の一見、当然見る。私はボルトの前部がdisintefrated 2 つのmags 後試み。幸いにも私は別のボルトを必要としたことがあったように、私の製造者は私のための源1 にできた。

新しいボルトの一致 これはMGC の下でもう一つの区域である。marushin はクリーニングのために破壊し非常にやすく、しかし維持はMGC 不快感である。バレルピンは良く、が、一般的なクリーニングのために容易にtalken 後そこにそれは取除かれる必要がある後部視力の2 つのピンであるそしてボルトを通って行き、部屋の前部にねじで締められる必要がある長いねじボルトはボルトそれから取除くことができる。それからグリップはTJ0 0N はずされなければならないスライドロックピンは取除かれる必要があり、また止め金はフレームからそしてバレルおよび主体取除くことができる。制動機アセンブリはバレルに接続され、主体は逆に当然アセンブリ私が不快感および苦痛を言ったように、あり。

全面的 よく私は実際に多くの方法であるが、ボルトはある従って弱いのそう発言から及びそう容易に停止する私を壊れるという事実のでこれがすばらしいモデルであると言いたいと思う。私は私の第4 ボルトに今のところ今ある、他のすべては同じように壊れた持ち、問題が起こったらボルトが壊れた、どちらも多くの円形発射された持っていないとき銃はあらゆる機会に行かなかった完全に自動車を備えていない。私はそれをもう始動させるために心配されているに私がボルトが再度壊す疑いを有しないので今ある。私は私がこの問題の唯一のMGC のautomag の所有者である信じることができない(ない4 つのボルトの後で) 。私はJapanes の私達の専門家がこの問題を停止するか、またはによって私が認める助言を私を得ることができるよりよいボルトがある何でも提案できればによって時にこの問題を偶然見つけられるのなるこの1 、そうprobelx で助けられるかもしれないことを望んでいる。それは問題がとても悪かったらMGC がこのモデルの4 匹の生成を通って得ること私に奇妙なようである。

最終的な思考 私は実際に非常にである他の方法でexcellnt このモデルをそれとして分類されて得たいと思い、実際に実際にそれを好む。金属のボルトは理想的な解決であるが、marushin のボルトが余りに大きく、1 つを持っていることが私考えるである困難作ったことを私は考える。すべてに私私の金属のmarushins があった後まで私が破損問題のまわりでそして表示モデル方法を見つけることができるMGC のmages に困難および誘惑によい表示peice しかし私ちょうど坐るこの銃のための25 の円形がありがそこにそうそれをである、それとどまる、そして始動させない。
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Very nice review claymore!!

Very concisely written and a great subject too!

That is too bad that the bolt is so weak and the fact that the disconector or ? malfunctions and permits full auto firing I think that there might be a problem with the combination of the heavy rounds and the heavy bolt assembly and perhaps the detonator as well.

The fact the automag has two recoil springs has to share some of the blame as it must have been difficult for the MGC designers to come up with the right spring tension combination to run the somewhat heavy HW bolt assembly and force the heavy .44 auto mag cartridge into the chamber.

The bolt and the cartridge must weigh fairly heavy and this, combined with the recoil spring energy causes this mass to accelerate forwards at a high rate of speed, I think that perhaps the cartridge might not "snap" over the cartridge rim when the cartridge is forced forwards by the bolt and if that occurred the cap might be crushed causing un-controlled firing(I.E. full auto) as the stand off clearance is eliminated.

The "stand off" clearance is the distance that the cartridge (piston to cap clearance) must maintain so it doesn't accidentally explode when the cartridge is chambered.

This only applies to a semi-auto closed bolt design(M16,M1911 etc.) as the open bolt design(MP40,Uzi etc.) doesn't require the standoff distance as the cap is supposed to fire when the bolt closes.

The closed bolt design, needs this distance to allow the cartridge to chamber safely and to allow the hammer to force the firing pin (or plate) into the primer (or cartridge rim) otherwise, the cap would fire as the bolt closed.

Now, if your cartridge "climbs" your extractor when chambering, it might take up this standoff distance and cause the full auto effect...

The detonator might be out of position but that would be very rare if not impossible and if it was, you would never (unless you gently and carefully hand chambered the round) get it to fire semi-auto.

Now, there might be some other problem involved but at this moment, I have no clue what it might be...

And yes, I don't think that you are the only person that has had such bad luck with the automag breakage problems such as your bolt assembly as the bolt looks very weak in the extractor pin area..

My older version of the automag has a terrible trigger pull and the hammer seems to catch on the sear when it falls, if the trigger isn't pulled completely to the rear when firing it so, it is current completely in pieces as I was trying to adjust it and make some other changes to it.

The earlier MGC automags featured a zinc and steel re-enforced bolt assembly That would be a great fix if it was modified to fit in the heavy weight Automags.

Yes, it is absolutely a pain to dis-assemble and assemble the MGC automag as it is one of the most complicated modelguns out there...














以前のMGC automagsは、突然補強される亜鉛と鋼を特徴としました集会Thatが、すばらしい解決策であるでしょう重い重さAutomags.をはめ込むことが修正されるならば、

はい、MGC automag(実際には向こうの最も複雑なmodelgunsのうちの1つ)を分解して、集めることは、絶対に痛みです...

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 5:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

cheers for the complements mark, yeah all the reasons you state are vaild and a probable if not absolute cause of the problem, but you would of thought that MGC would of redesigned the bolt or made the plastic around the pin sturdier.

A zinc and steel bolt, i want one, why the hell did they not stick with that design i wonder.

With all the releases of older guns i have my fingers crossed that the automag my turn up again

補足物の印のための喝采は、ええあなたが示すすべての理由vaild であり、問題の絶対原因、あなたが思考のそのMGC 撃破見込はの設計し直すか、ボルトをまたはピンのまわりでさせたプラスチックをより丈夫に。 亜鉛はおよび鋼鉄は私が疑問に思うその設計と付かないなぜか、私ほしいと思う1 つがボルトで固定する。 より古い銃のすべての解放と私は私の指をことautomag 私の回転再度交差させてもらう
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